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Ground protection for historic Harewood estate.

The Challenge

Our customer was organising an event on the grounds of Harewood House in Leeds and required an access road to allow vehicles and equipment on site for set up.

Built by the Lascelles family in 1759 upon 100 acres of gardens and surrounded by stunning countryside, Harewood House is now studied and appreciated as a place of historic & cultural interest and natural beauty.

This meant that not only did our customer need an access road in place, but it was also essential that in the process of setting up for the event, they did not cause any damage to the ground underneath.

The Solution

To prevent vehicles from churning up the grounds of the estate during event build, we supplied and installed a temporary road using our aluminium trackway panels. Our panels were designed to evenly distribute the weight applied. This prevents severe rutting and protects the ground from the effects of frequent pressure, leaving the grounds at Harewood looking just as beautiful as when we arrived.

To find out more about our ground protecting trackway for outdoor events, call the Trackway Solutions team on 0845 241 8555 or contact us via the website.

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