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Trackway supplied for crane support in Wirral.

The Challenge

Our customer is a mobile crane hire specialist, based in the North West who needed to place a crane on a road in Wirral. However, the space where the crane was required was split across two heights, making stability a challenge.

The Solution

To allow the crane to sit half on the road and half on the footpath, the Trackway Solutions team decided to use additional panels to build the road side up to level with the footpath above. We then installed a top layer of panels to create a flat, stable surface for the crane to park on.

An additional four trackway panels were then laid for each of the crane’s outriggers to stand on, further assisting with stability.

This installation was completed during a road closure to ensure the safety of all workers on site.

For more information about our temporary flooring and roadway hire in the North West, call the Trackway Solutions team on 0845 241 8555 or contact us via the website.

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