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Clearing a dead tree from a country estate.

The Challenge

A large tree, that was a central piece on a country estate in Chipping Norton, died. Chris Notman, a tree surgeon in the area, was called in to try to remove the tree, but its size posed a challenge.

A crane was needed to remove the tree, but the ground in the surrounding area needed to be protected, so Chris Notman came to us for a solution.

The Solution

Because the tree was so large, the tree surgeons needed to first work on removing each of the branches, and then take away parts of the trunk in stages.

To enable crane access, we installed 27 trackway panels (as a 20m x 9m pad), stretching from the road to the base of the tree.

Although the aluminium panels would protect the ground from any damage or disturbance the crane could potentially cause, we also gave our customer the option of a geo-textile underlay to further safeguard the grounds of the estate. This guaranteed that the tree could be removed easily and effectively, while making sure that the landscape remained just as beautiful as it was when we arrived.

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