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Installing a new wind turbine in East Yorkshire.

The Challenge

A renewable energy company based in Driffield, East Yorkshire enlisted our help in reaching the site where they were to install a new wind turbine. With the installation area being rather remote, we were called in to lay a temporary roadways to allow them access to the site.

The Solution

To enable our customer to get their vehicles (and the wind turbine) to the site, we laid 28 aluminium trackway panels.

Because wind turbines usually take around 1 week to install, and the extreme wind and rain in the area was very likely to affect the job, we made sure we installed the temporary roadways ahead of time. This then meant that once our customer was ready to start the installation, they were able to get to work straight away, without being held back by poor ground conditions.

This job was the second we’ve carried out for this customer, with the first being a site in York. Having worked with them for the last 3 years, we’re very pleased that they have continued to be happy with the service we’ve provided.

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