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Paving the way up a Welsh mountain.

The Challenge

We received a request from Bro Dyfi Community Renewables for a trackway install a mile up a mountainside in Machynlleth, Wales to allow access for a 90t crane to replace the gear box on a wind turbine.

The Solution

The site had a steep slope where the trackway was required, and between this and the high wind speed at the time of our site survey, we expected the install to be a challenge. In order to make the installation possible, we worked alongside our customer who laid huge volumes of stone along the slope to reduce the incline.

Extreme weather in Machynlleth in the lead up to the install had made the ground more difficult to manage, so we revisited the initial 108 trackway panels we planned to use, and added another 40 panels to accommodate the change in conditions. These extra panels allowed us to ensure that the crane needed to access the wind turbine on the mountain would be able to do so safely and easily, regardless of the weather.

“Trackway Solutions responded to our initial request quickly and efficiently, proposing a site survey to assess the ground conditions and gain a better understanding of our requirements for crane access. The team quickly demonstrated an understanding of our specific needs, and offered us a solution that enabled safe, trouble-free access to site.

Due to incredibly bad weather during the project causing a change in ground conditions, we decided that we would require more trackway panels than originally agreed. Trackway Solutions responded to this immediately with extra panels and allowed the project to continue as planned.

The installation team were efficient, professional and showed a high regard for health and safety during the installation and recovery of the temporary roadway. We could rest assured that we were in safe hands throughout the entirety of the project.”

Tim Brewer, Bro Dyfi Community Renewables

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