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Planning a wedding at Longleat Safari Park.

The Challenge

The grounds of Longleat House were chosen to be the site of a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Wedding planner, Matthew Oliver needed a delivery road for a marquee, caterers and interior designers. It was absolutely vital that nothing disturbed the ground and ruined the picturesque location, so he came to us for help.

The Solution

We visited Longleat Safari Park to survey the site of the wedding to gain a good understanding of exactly where suppliers’ vehicles needed access to, and how many trackway panels would be required to get them there.

We then advised that a 130m road and a 9m x 10m pad of aluminium panels would be needed. We also offered a geotextile underlay to protect the ground and ensure there wouldn’t be any damage caused.

We worked closely with Matthew Oliver Weddings to book our installation at a time that suited the schedules of their other suppliers.

Matthew arranged for the marquee supplier to attend site and outline where we needed to lay our roadways up to. Our team then arrived at 7am the next day to install the agreed 66 panels.

Because we knew that only vehicles would be travelling over the track, we made sure that our double sided panels were installed pedestrian side down. This side is flatter than the reverse so would cause even less disturbance to the grass underneath.

We took all the trackway we used from the delivery of new panels we received only a number of days before this project took place. Doing this ensured that they would be clean and attractive for the wedding (another important request from our customer).

“It has been a great pleasure working with Trackway Solutions because I had no idea what trackway was until needing it for a wedding setup. I’ve found the team very accommodating and they’ve taught me so much about temporary roadways.

They were really great to work with; super friendly and patient in explaining the product to customers who don’t have any experience with trackway or the industry. They definitely went the extra mile to help me understand everything.

I would highly recommend Trackway Solutions to anyone looking for temporary roadways.”

Matthew Oliver, Matthew Oliver Weddings

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