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Recovering trackway from a flood.

The Challenge

A telecoms customer had 224 trackway panels on long term hire at Hartland Point, Cornwall. When we arrived to collect the panels at the end of the job, the site was so severely flooded that our panels were nowhere to be seen.

The Solution

When a ‘problem with water on site’ was reported to our General Manager, we never expected that the land we previously laid trackway on would have transformed into a river. The water on site was much too high for our team to collect the panels as usual, so we quickly got to work on how to fix the problem.

Working closely with our customer, we hired a centrifugal pump to lower the water levels and clear the ground. This then enabled us to get our vehicles in and reach the panels that were buried below the water.

While the job may have taken a little longer than usual, once the pump had been used, we were able to collect all of the panels safely and efficiently.

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