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Removing a temporary classroom in Kent.

The Challenge

When Portable Building Sales needed crane access at a primary school in Swanley, Kent, they approached us for help.

A crane was required at the school to enable our customer to remove an old classroom that was no longer being used. However, the access route wasn’t all hardstanding, posing a challenge for getting the vehicle on site.

The Solution

Because the project took place at a school, it was vital that it was completed during Easter half term, so delays weren’t an option for us or our customer.

We worked closely with our customer and carried out a site survey to gain a better understanding of the site, assess any specific challenges, and get an idea of how many panels would be required (totalling at over 100).

Our installation team then laid the trackway over two days (Friday and Saturday) to make sure that when the crane arrived on site, everything would be in place.

The required route started at the car park and travelled across the playground and up a slope through the playing field so we created a temporary road throughout, leading to a crane pad at the end. This then allowed the crane to easily access the old classroom’s location so it could be removed in a timely manner without any issues.

“Every time we’ve worked with Trackway Solutions they’ve provided us with professional and courteous service, right from our initial enquiry.

Straight away they offered us a site survey to make sure they understood exactly what we needed, followed by a very quick turnaround from this visit, providing us with a comprehensive and clear quotation.

Our trackway requirement was communicated to us clearly, and the team have always been able to help us find exactly what we need to complete a project, regardless of how straightforward or complex the project may be.

On top of this, they’ve been more than happy to solve any challenges we’ve faced on site, allowing us to continue with our projects without any worry.”

Mike Wall, Portable Building Sales

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