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Guide To Ground Protection

As any experienced project manager, event organiser or foreman will tell you, ground protection is key.

Wet, muddy or uneven ground conditions can result in projects being delayed or even halted. Or worse. By ignoring essential ground protection procedures, you could endanger the safety of your staff and cause irreparable damage to important historical, scientific or environmentally sensitive sites. By following a few simple steps, you can avoid potential pitfalls and ensure projects run smoothly.

Why is ground protection so important?

Whether you’re planning for a big outdoor event, a scientific survey or a major building project, one thing you should never overlook is adequate ground protection.

To get people to and from your site safely and transport essential equipment and machinery, you need to ensure the ground underfoot is properly looked after. Without the necessary precautions, heavy vehicles, construction equipment, parked cars and pedestrians can quickly turn your site into a quagmire, rendering it unsafe and impassable and causing lasting damage. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you need a robust, reliable temporary trackway solution.

How can Trackway Solutions help to protect your site?

Trackway Solutions can help you preserve the integrity of your site by providing state-of-the-art roadway and walkway solutions. Our resilient trackway panels will help you maintain good ground conditions, whatever the project and whatever the weather:

  • Temporary roadways – Our robust 300kg aluminium panels have been designed with the most demanding conditions in mind. They’ll protect soft ground surfaces from damage and ensure you leave the site just as you found it.
  • Parking – Our versatile panels can be used to create temporary car parks, allowing guests, staff and workers to drive on and off-site without churning up the ground.
  • Access trackway – Our temporary walkways will enable people to move freely around your site without disturbing the ground underfoot.
  • Cross bonding – Our panels can be laid on top of each other in opposite directions (a process known as cross bonding), ensuring the weight is evenly distributed across the roadway. This is particularly effective on very soft or wet ground.
  • Underlay –  Our geotextile underlay provides extra protection, offsetting the effects of frequent pressure. This is especially important when it comes to safeguarding sensitive sites such as stately homes and archaeological digs.

Trackway for hire – get the protection you need

Our team of specialist engineers have been delivering and installing panels for more than ten years, providing essential ground protection for everything from music festivals and cultural events to scientific surveys and archaeological digs.

To ensure you get the best possible protection for your site, get in touch today and speak to a member of our team.

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