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Road To Recovery: Outdoor Events And Life After Lockdown

As ‘Freedom Day’ approaches (on July 19th), there’s growing optimism that some form of normality is on the horizon.

For event organisers, it’s music to the ears; after months of restrictions, which have seen revenues plummet, this summer could see the return of festivals, live music and countless other open-air events.

Back On Track

With renewed hope that 2021 could be a year of recovery, organisers up and down the country have begun announcing concrete dates. Tickets have already gone on sale for popular music festivals, such as Creamfields, Leeds & Reading and Rewind, and a variety of other cultural and sporting events are scheduled to take place.

While there’s still a note of caution within the industry, with big hitters like Notting Hill Festival yet to announce dates, the consensus seems to be that many of our favourite events will be returning in one form or another by late summer.

Gearing Up For Summer

While nothing is set in stone, it’s looking increasingly likely that as restrictions continue to lift, the summer festival circuit will be in full swing by August. In the events business, we all know that without proper planning, things can quickly unravel; so if you’re hoping to host an open-air event this summer, you need to set the wheels in motion now.

One key factor that should never be overlooked at any open-air event, is the provision of safe and easy access – whether that’s for vehicles or pedestrians. Trackway Solutions has the equipment and expertise you need to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. We’re an industry leader, with many years’ experience working within the events planning sector, providing robust, state-of-the-art temporary roadway and walkway solutions. Our team is trained to the highest possible standards, and we use the very best trackway panels on the market.

Trackway For Hire

Here are a few examples of just how our temporary trackway can be deployed at your event, ensuring people and vehicles get where they need to go quickly and safely:

  • Temporary roadways – Our robust aluminium panels have been specifically designed with the most demanding conditions in mind. They’re strong, resilient and adaptable, making even the most remote, hard-to-reach places easily accessible.
  • Temporary walkways – We all know how temperamental the British weather can be. Our panels feature a textured, non-slip surface, so come rain, wind or shine, people will be able to access your event safely and easily and move freely around the venue.
  • Access trackway – When you’re setting up your venue, it’s not always easy to get heavy equipment, like cranes, diggers and dumpers on-site, particularly if the terrain is challenging. Our track is specifically designed to accommodate larger vehicles, with a cross serrated surface for better traction and a heavy-duty reverse to support the extra weight.
  • Temporary car parks – Ample parking is crucial if you’re hosting a large-scale outdoor event. But with heavy traffic, natural terrain can get churned up and become muddy and impassable. Our track can create a perfect temporary car park, providing visitors with safe, accessible parking.

Trackway Solutions works closely with manufacturers to ensure we provide the best, most effective panels on the market. Our temporary trackway is designed to combat even the most difficult terrain; it’s strong, versatile and fully recyclable.

So, if you’re planning a big event this summer, be sure to get in touch. Our crew of experts will make sure you get the best possible temporary trackway for your venue.

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