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Key Logistic Considerations for a Successful Outdoor Event

You’ve been planning an event for months. You’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into it. Late-night planning and spreadsheets have become second-nature.

So, when it gets to event day, you want it to run as smoothly as possible, from the moment the gates open to when the last person leaves.

But it doesn’t happen without prior logistical planning and coordination with, and between, your service providers.

As suppliers and installers of temporary flooring for multiple outdoor events every year, our Trackway team has probably encountered every type of terrain and weather related situation imaginable, and frequently support both clients and other service providers to ensure each event runs like clockwork.

Our experience has shown that there really is no one-size-fits-all approach, but when it comes to logistics and access there are some key elements, which our Trackway team can help with, that will need significant consideration.

Roadway site survey

With any outdoor event, a key factor will be the installation of temporary roads and walkways. The British summer is often synonymous with rain. As we all know, rain + plenty of people = mud.

Mud isn’t exactly conducive to a fun outdoor event experience. So, we’d recommend inviting a temporary access provider to conduct a site survey.

The different types of surfaces to think about include:

  • Site-access flooring (to ensure that suppliers’ vehicles can easily gain access to the site)
  • Equipment (to stand lighting and sound systems on)
  • Ground protection (in the set-up of car parks and delivery areas)
  • Walkways (to minimise mud for attendees and to maximise enjoyment of their experience)

Our team can conduct a free site survey, where they’ll walk the distance of your site and outline your exact requirements, while looking for any routes that may pose a potential pitfall, i.e. where people may congregate.

Flow of traffic

Flow of traffic is incredibly important, and it’s something as providers of the event road network, we would need to get up to speed with as early in the event planning process as possible.

Considerations include:

  • Where people will arrive
  • The parking situation
  • How many attendees will be there
  • Where the food stalls will be
  • Where the entertainment is
  • The position of the toilets/amenities.

Event take-down

You’ve come to the end of your successful event, and, at this point, temporary roadways will become vital again. At Trackway Solutions, we can set up a comprehensive network of roads, so that suppliers can take down their equipment quickly and safely.

Whether you’re organising an exclusive client event or a grand music festival, ensuring you have all bases covered when it comes to logistics will help ensure nothing is left to chance.

Contact Trackway Solutions today for your temporary road and walkway requirements.

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