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Staying On Track, Safely And Securely

Why our aluminium trackways are the perfect temporary access solution during construction projects – with a wide range of other applications too.

When you’re up against tight deadlines on a building project and time is of the essence, the last thing you want is for access issues to hamper your progress. Our flexible trackway solutions help you achieve critical marginal gains on time spent accessing your site, and also enhance visitor and pedestrian safety around its perimeter.  

But it’s not just building sites that can benefit from our trackways – they’re in demand for a wide range of other temporary access challenges, all year round.

Whether it’s the blazing heat of summer or driving rain in the spring and winter, difficult to reach areas on your construction site can slow you and other on-site contractors down, time and time again.  And with access points changing over the lifetime of a build project, especially more complex jobs, you need to ensure that every contractor working on-site can get to where they need to get to, swiftly and safely.

“At Trackway Solutions we’re proud to have developed a market-leading range of flexible trackways that can be delivered, expertly installed and removed by our specialist team – all based on us working to a technical brief from our initial site survey.”

Likewise, with uneven ground and temporary surfaces caused from construction work around the perimeter of your site, the safety of pedestrians – either visitors or the general public – is paramount.  The last thing anyone wants is a trip accident, especially in difficult lighting conditions or bad weather.

With Trackway Solutions we can offer you complete peace of mind, and value for money with our range of hireable trackways.  For heavy plant and machinery, our 330kg heavy duty trackways provide the strength and solidity you need to ensure that the most demanding of plant can make its way through your site with accuracy and precision. 

Textured, cross-serrated surfaces also mean that you get the grip and traction you need, especially during wet and icy conditions when surfaces can become slippery.  And, if you need additional grip, then the reverse side of our trackways enables you to run more heavy duty plant over the surface.   

And for even further strength, the unique design of our panels allows you to cross bond them, by laying panels on top of each other in opposite directions, in order to manage extra payloads.

So, if you need to make a temporary roadway or access, then Trackway Solutions can help you with a wide range of access solutions, including:

  • Temporary roads and paths for events and festivals – perfect when a green field becomes a mud bath!
  • Archeological digs, historic stately homes and sites of scientific interest – ideal for when you need to create access ways that protect a fragile or ecologically / historically important area under investigation. Our geotextile underlay offers even further protection for sensitive or fragile surfaces.
  • Car parks for events and festivals – again our panel systems enable you to create pop-up car parks to ensure ease of access and exit in all weather conditions.
  • Film and TV on location – cast and crew can gain easy access to challenging film locations with safety and ease in all weathers.

To ensure safe and accurate installation and removal we have a fleet of specialist vehicles, ranging from our spacious wagon and drag lorries and artics, which can offload large quantities of panels swiftly and easily, to 7.5 tonne and 12 tonne hiabs for sites with restricted or difficult access.  We also have telehandlers for those pesky tight site entrances, where agility and precision is paramount, and unimogs for more challenging, multi surface terrains.

Aside from our specialist fleet, we also have a range of accessories, such as cable protectors, speed ramps and speed signage to ensure optimum on-site safety.  And if your trackway needs to turn a corner, our divergent panels enable you to achieve a safe curve on the directional change of a road or path.

Ultimately, our aim is to provide a truly flexible service to our clients – from initial site survey through to installation and removal. Critically, our hiring process starts with a site survey so that we have all the key facts to hand to ensure we offer you the right technical products for the duration of your project and event.

And finally, we believe that whatever project you’re doing, we should aim to support you in the most sustainable way possible. Which is why once our panels have reached the end of their working lives they’re fully recyclable. We’ve only got one planet, and while we all want to shape and improve the spaces and places in which we live, we also want to protect it for future generations.

If you have a requirement for trackway on your next project get in touch to discuss your needs – 0845 241 8555.

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