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A Guide To Temporary Roadway

Generally, temporary roadway is used to provide access to difficult to reach locations, such as remote telecoms masts, isolated film sets and construction plants.

Not only does temporary roadway make access to anywhere possible, but it’s also essential for creating a safe working environment by keeping people and heavy equipment on stable and secure ground in all conditions.

What is a temporary roadway?

Put simply, a temporary roadway is the use of trackway to create a temporary road surface that allows people and vehicles to access difficult to reach locations where there is little or no existing infrastructure.

Through the use of interlocking composite panels, it’s possible to create a temporary roadway that paves the way to even the most remote of locations. Each panel uses a textured, cross-serrated surface to ensure they provide strong grip when walking or driving across them, even in wet conditions. The panels also have a more heavy duty reverse which provide additional traction on slopes, or for use with heavier equipment.

Once the project is complete, and access to the location is no longer required, the temporary roadway can be removed with little to no damage to the underlying surface.

Why is temporary roadway important?

Often when trying to access remote locations, whether it be for a new building site or to access a wind turbine for repairs, the existing infrastructure is not fit for purpose, or simply does not exist. This is especially true during the winter months when the ground can become boggy and slippery.

The use of temporary roadway ensures that it’s not just possible to access these locations, but it also ensures a safe working environment with anti-slip solutions for both people and equipment. In addition, temporary roadway is designed to be environmentally friendly and prevent damage to the natural terrain around sites.

How Trackway Solutions Can Help

We do whatever it takes to deliver on our promises, and we firmly believe no location is out of our reach. Over the years, we have invested heavily in a group of vehicles, expanded our team of experts and developed the best trackway panels on the market to ensure that we can always find a way.

We have worked with manufacturers to ensure that our panels are robust, versatile and can handle equipment of a variety of weights on any surface. Each panel also has a heavier duty side for additional traction on slopes allowing us to choose the most appropriate option for each stage of a project, whilst tough internal connections provide a strong, flat surface. All of our panels are also fully recyclable.

We also know that because every customer has unique requirements, we work directly with you to understand your specific needs so that we can provide an appropriate solution. This means that the same people you meet on-site for a comprehensive site survey are the same people that will be carrying out the work. They take the time to get to know you, and work to make sure that you are 100% happy with the job.

If you’re planning a project and need a temporary road solution, give us a call and we’ll talk you through your options.

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