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Essentials to Look Out for When You Visit Outdoor Events

It’s easy to get carried away when you visit an outdoor event. You’ll be giddy with excitement, trying to fit everything in and wondering which attraction to visit first whilst trying to not to miss any vital detail.

Buy an event guide and that should help you plan the day, plus if you tick all the items on this checklist you shouldn’t waste time looking for event essentials.

Routes to and from car parks

Take your car to an outdoor event and the car parks should be clearly marked upon arrival.

Follow the temporary roadways and let the marshals guide you to an approved parking place, then make a mental note of your car’s location. Memorise the route away from and back to the car park. Ideally there should be signs clearly indicating this along with ground protection mats lining the route making it easier for you to travel over unstable or muddy sections of footpath.


Check the event guide to see if a site map is included. This is a useful tool that will help you pinpoint the location of the washroom facilities.

If you haven’t bought a guide or don’t have a site map, establish the location of toilet facilities by checking for signs or ask one of the event officials for directions. This is especially important if you are taking small children to the event. Don’t be left high and dry searching for toilets when your children are desperate for the loo, you’ll be fuming you didn’t do your homework earlier.

First Aid Tent

The safety and wellbeing of visitors are two areas that need to be addressed when organisers are planning outdoor events. People can (and do) fall ill whilst visiting attractions.

They might injure themselves and require medical assistance straight away. In most cases they’ll head to a first aid tent where qualified crew members are waiting to carry out treatment. It could be worth looking for this tent when you arrive at the outdoor attraction, just in case you fall ill.

Event Officials

Of course, there are always people that can help you, guide you, and answer any questions you might have when you visit a public gathering. They’re called event officials or crowd marshals and prove to be a rich source of information.

If you need to find out something specific or simply need directions to the nearest burger van, look for the event officials and don’t be afraid to ask them questions.

There you go. A few essentials for you to look out for the next time you spend a day at on outdoor gathering.

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