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Lawn Care for Warm Weather

Grass takes quite a pummeling over the summer, especially if you use outdoor areas for festivals or fetes and the weather is warm. How do you look after grass throughout the year, especially during a hot weather

We’ve got a few ideas to keep grass green and lush throughout the summer…

Mowing the lawn

The Royal Horticultural Society recommends raising the height of the cut slightly during warmer weather as this prevents the grass from weakening. They also suggest leaving the clippings on the grass to act as mulch and it should slow down the evaporation of water. Spread the clippings out evenly though, avoid clumping the clippings together on the lawn, you don’t want to smother the lawn because this will cause extra damage.

Watering the lawn

Keep one eye on how dry the grass is and don’t let the ground become too hard. If the soil appears to be bone dry give the lawn a good watering, this can be achieved by using a sprinkler.

Sprinkling the lawn

Care should be taken when using a sprinkler on lawns. There is such a thing as ‘over-watering’ a lawn so take care and try to stick to a rough guide.

A simple estimate is to use 20 litres of water per one square yard of grass and the water should reach a depth of 4 inches. Test the lawn afterwards, check to see the soil is damp in a few random areas and give the grass a good watering once a week.

Follow the golden rules of lawn care over the summer and your grass will look gorgeous at all times.

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