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Places You Might See Temporary Roadways this Christmas

With just a few weeks to go until the main event we thought it might be fun to highlight a few festive places you might see temporary roadway solutions this Christmas.

Here’s what we came up with. Will you be visiting any of these Christmas events over the yuletide period?

1. Winter wonderland

There are a number of winter wonderland events to visit over the festive period, some are better than others it has to be said.

Take Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s winter attraction for instance. It was closed down after a only a few days due to lack of interesy. Head to popular seasonal sites like Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland though and all the family will have an amazing time and get right in the Christmas spirit.

2. Outdoor ice rink

It’s frosty outside, there are decorations everywhere and everyone is getting into the holiday mood, so why not go ice skating and enjoy a little seasonal fun as Christmas draws closer?

Head on over to an outdoor ice rink. They pop up all over the country at this time of year and to get to them don’t be too surprised if you find yourself walking down some temporary trackway.

3. Christmas market

Fancy a traditional Bratwurst washed down with a warm cup of mulled wine? The place to sample these delights is a Christmas market that sells crafts and different types of edible treats.

The best markets are in Bavaria. If you can’t make it over there though, head to your nearest city centre or look for a country market town that offers this type of attraction. Festive food markets are brilliant. Just thinking about them makes us feel all ‘Christmassy’.

Wherever you go this Christmas, make the most of the seasonal cheer. We bet you one thing, if you visit a Christmas Fair or some other outdoor event over the holidays you’ll walk across aluminium roadways at some point.

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