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Site Surveys: Why Are They So Important?

A comprehensive site survey is essential to the success of any installation project, big or small. It enables you to assess the condition of the land and accurately map and measure the terrain.

At Trackway Solutions, we perform a thorough survey at the start of every project. By carrying out a detailed inspection of the site, we can work out exactly what you require and recommend the safest, most suitable solution for your project.

What is a site survey?

In simple terms, a site survey is a fact-finding mission. It enables our expert team to visit the location and physically ‘walk the job’. By getting boots on the ground, we can properly evaluate the landscape and check for any potential issues.

Once we have a better understanding of the local topography, we can plan the best route and determine the number and type of panels required for the project.

Why are site surveys so important?

Whether it’s for a film set, scientific dig or an outdoor concert, every site and every project is different. When you’re choosing a trackway, you need to consider exactly what you’re going to be using it for – temporary roadways, temporary walkways or car parks – how much space you have to work with and what vehicles are going to be running on it.

By performing an extensive survey, our experts can see for themselves precisely what is needed for the job and make accurate, informed decisions. We’ll ask questions, walk the site with you and take a deep dive into exactly what it is you’re looking for.

Temporary trackway is often deployed in remote or hard-to-reach areas, and each project poses its own unique set of challenges. A thorough inspection of the site allows us to assess any potential issues with the landscape itself, such as gradient and terrain, as well as any man-made obstacles, like gateways, power lines and fences.

With a proper review of the environment, we can plan the safest, most efficient route and ensure you get the best possible temporary roadway solution.

Our five-step process

A comprehensive site survey is a part of our rigorous five-step process. Our tried and tested five-step process is designed to ensure you receive the best, most cost-efficient service possible.

Step One – Site Survey

  • We inspect the site, measure up, and identify any potential issues
  • Detailed proposal
  • We supply you with a site plan, with drawings of our recommended solution
  • Outline the approximate number of panels required
  • Provide you with all the necessary paperwork, such as risk assessments, method statements and crew certification
  • Provide you with a quote and an installation date

Step Two – Detailed Proposal

  • We supply you with a site plan, with drawings of our recommended solution
  • Outline the approximate number of panels required
  • Hand over necessary paperwork such as risk assessments, method statements and crew certifications
  • Provide you with a quote and installation date

Step Three – Installation

  • We carry out a site induction, if necessary
  • Begin work on the project, laying each panel individually and ensuring they are all securely bolted in place
  • Fit any necessary divergence panels or sandbags
  • Complete the work, get your sign-off and hand over full paperwork

Step Four – Collection

  • Once you confirm the track is ready for collection, we arrange a suitable date
  • Send a crew to dismantle and collect the trackway
  • Get everything signed off and complete the necessary paperwork

Step Five – Follow Up

  • Once the job is complete, we’ll call you to get your feedback
  • Ask what we did well and how we might improve in the future
  • Discuss any future needs

Trackway for hire

At Trackway Solutions, we understand that no two jobs are the same. Our expert engineers leave no stone unturned and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and exceptional attention to detail.

Whether you’re looking for temporary car parks, access trackway or even trackway for utilities, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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