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Temporary Roadways: What to Consider

We never underestimate a project. Every customer has unique requirements for temporary roadways, so it’s always important that we work with the client and find what’s best for their individual project.

One thing we like to do is plan each project in meticulous detail. We cover every eventuality before we deliver our durable and dependable aluminium roadway systems.

It’s a challenge, but one we rise readily to. Years of experience have taught us to consider these points before any project begins:

Sloping surfaces

In an ideal world, every site we deliver roadway solutions to would be flat. The truth is somewhat different though. Rarely is the surface area flush and easy to work with. More often than not we are greeted with the sight of slopes and have to react accordingly. While we are experienced in finding the best route to take in laying trackway on a slope, this is always something that needs to be considered ahead of time.

Ground conditions

Speaking of ground, the general condition of the site is something else we have to think about, especially if the ground is particularly rough or boggy in parts.

We consider the state of the ground before we think about laying a our track; leaving a solid and stable platform in the appropriate position afterwards.

Weight of on site equipment

A factor we like to establish prior to laying temporary roadway is the weight of the site traffic that will trundle across it.

On some sites we have witnessed massive cranes weighing upwards of 200 tonnes. If you have any heavy plant or vehicles, they need a tough and strong surface to wheel over, so this is something that needs to be flagged up as early as possible.

Time management

It’s a precise operation when you are providing a temporary trackway for a client. More often than not, we have to deliver solutions in timescales to suit other contractors.

Event organisers need stable platforms in place to allow delivery vehicles access to the site so we plan the time thoroughly to suit our clients.

Are you planning on hiring trackway?

There’s a lot to consider when we face a new project but that’s what makes it fun. If you’re planning an outdoor project and need to hire trackway to help make the job easier, give us a call and we’ll talk you through your options.

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