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Our Top Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Event

Outdoor events often prove to be more popular than their indoor counterparts. That is, providing the weather’s good enough. There’s more room to roam for the guests, they can enjoy sun, and the open skies.

But hosting an outdoor event poses a few problems, and it isn’t easy to get right. That doesn’t mean you should stick to hosting indoors though. We’ve put together a few tips to help you organise an outdoor event without a problem.

The venue

If you pick a venue that already has an outdoor space that’s regularly used for similar events, then brilliant. Their staff can help you organise everything you’re going to need. But if you book a venue with an outdoor area that sees very little use you’re going to have to organise power, food, drink, etc. yourself.

One thing you mustn’t forget to organise that’s often overlooked is ground protection. Outdoor events are great, but all those people treading the same area can quickly ruin the ground; something the venue won’t be pleased about.

Hiring aluminium trackway panels is an easy way to ensure that the ground won’t be damaged during the setup of your event, or during the event itself.

Contingency plan

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to plan for rain. The British weather isn’t that reliable. This could have been done when you booked a venue; if you can, pick one with an indoor space. If not, provide a marquee, so if the heavens do open, guests have somewhere to take shelter.

Don’t just think about the guests though. Where will your generator be? Is the food going to be sat out open to the elements? Ensure that they’re protected.


Outdoor spaces don’t have the benefit of acoustics, so if you have a guest speaker, music, or another form of entertainment you have to think about how they’re going to be heard. Hire adequate speakers to place throughout the space. And if you’re in a residential area you may have restrictions on the volume and time you can play music until.

Clean up

There’s going to be a lot of rubbish left behind and it’s your responsibility to clean it up. Ensure the space is left in the state it was when you turned up.

Planning an outdoor event?

If you’re looking for ground cover to make access easy and ensure that you don’t damage the hired space, then get in touch.

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