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Trackway and Generator Hire for Telecoms

Trackway Solutions’ experience in the telecoms sector extends beyond just delivering and installing temporary roads for ground protection and site access.

Our service offering spans everything from providing a small pad of just 10 panels to support a mobile cell at an agricultural show to supporting telephone mast maintenance plans with long temporary access roads and backup power supplies. Here’s a brief overview of our turnkey solutions for telecoms customers:

Site access

We understand the importance of making sure that, whenever you need to set up a new phone mast or carry out maintenance on an existing one, work can be completed without delay. Using our aluminium trackway to build a temporary road will help get your vehicles and equipment where you need them, regardless of how remote or uneven the ground on site may be.

Our specialist team’s broad understanding of the telecoms sector enables them to make informed recommendations based on past experience, but they will also work with you closely to ascertain exactly what you need and incorporate any specific requirements into our strategy. We will survey the site, identifying any challenges there may be (such as narrow gateways or overhead power lines), in order to map out the most appropriate route for you to take and install a temporary road that enables quick and easy access to site.

Temporary flooring

If you need to set up a temporary mobile cell at a festival, poor weather in the lead up to or during the event may cause the ground to become unsuitable to securely stand the cell. To avoid any issues with equipment sinking into the soft ground, we can supply a pad of trackway panels to create a stable surface to place it on.

To learn more about some of our previous experience working with the telecoms sector, you can read our case studies here.

Generator hire

However, our services for telecoms are not simply limited to the delivery of crucial site access and ground protecting trackway panels. Through our sister company, Generator Power, we can also supply high performance diesel and LPG generators to provide temporary power, both on short-term and long-term contracts.

We have experience in the provision of power for telecoms companies on a range of scales, from providing temporary power for a mobile cell at a music festival to supporting UK-wide phone networks with long-term electricity supplies. For more information about our generator hire services, visit the Generator Power website here.

Specialist vehicles

Generator Power have also pioneered the use of specialist vehicles to get power wherever you need it and further make any site an accessible one – no matter how remote, or difficult to manage the terrain may be.

Our 4×4 Hiabs assist and support installation on projects where poor ground conditions may make it difficult for our regular wagon & drag vehicles to gain access. And 4×4 and tracked Unimogs are robust and nimble enough to cross even the most challenging sites with ease. Find more information about our vehicle fleet here.

Choosing a supplier that operates both generator and trackway divisions can prove advantageous for your business. Your dedicated account manager will have knowledge of both temporary power and trackway, enabling them to manage both sides of your hire and provide a quotation for both, without you being required to spend lengthy amounts of time searching for and discussing your requirements with separate suppliers. Having one account manager for both will also mean that should your schedule change, you will only need to speak to one person to ensure that your generator and trackway are both delivered and collected on time.

Trackway Solutions are a specialist supplier with extensive experience in supplying strong, solid and resilient aluminium trackway panels to the telecoms sector.

We worked with manufacturers to make our panels some of the best on the market. Our 300kg panels were designed with the most demanding conditions in mind, and are sturdy enough to support everything from pedestrians to large vehicles and heavy equipment.

For more information about our trackway hire, or to discuss your requirements for an upcoming project, call our hire desk on 0845 241 8555 or contact us via the website.

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