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Trackway Hire for Ground Protection

The uses for Trackway Solutions’ aluminium panels extend beyond simple access roads, walkways and temporary flooring.

Through delivering and installing our panels, we have provided essential ground protection for everything from music festivals and cultural events to telecoms masts and renewable energy.

How can trackway protect your site?

Whether you are planning maintenance works on an environmentally sensitive site, or an event in the grounds of a stately home, it is important that you are able to get from A to B without disturbing the grass or ground underneath and leave the site in the same condition as it was when you arrived.

Our 300kg aluminium panels have been designed to enable you to get vehicles, equipment and people on site without causing any damage – even in challenging weather conditions.

  • Heavy vehicles: using trackway panels will prevent the ground from being damaged by severe rutting or worn down by heavy equipment and vehicles
  • Car parks: our panels can also be used to create a temporary car park to ensure that, should the weather change during your event, large numbers of guests can drive on and off site without churning up soft ground
  • Underlay: when used in combination with our geotextile underlay, our trackway panels provide even further ground protection to safeguard sites such as stately homes and sites of special scientific interest
  • Cross bonding: our panels can be laid on top of each other in opposite directions (referred to as ‘cross bonding’), meaning that weight applied to the roadway is distributed evenly even on soft or wet ground
  • Long-term ground protection: our trackway panels have proven time and time again to be effective in maintaining good ground conditions, even after being used on a busy, long-term project.

Trackway Solutions are a specialist supplier with extensive experience in providing resilient, ground protecting trackway panels for long and short-term hires across the UK. For more information, or to discuss your requirements for an upcoming project, call our team on 0845 241 8555 or contact us via the website.

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