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Trackway Hire for Temporary Car Parks

A functional temporary car park is essential for any outdoor event but, unfortunately, the natural surfaces at most sites are only really suitable for vehicles in dry weather. Heavy rain can mean major problems getting cars and delivery vehicles into and off site, damaged ground and remediation costs, and a reduced number of paying customers.

There is an alternative to hoping the weather is kind to you, in the form of hiring aluminium trackway panels. Our trackway is ideal for creating a stable temporary car park that will allow easy access and traction even in wet conditions, while protecting the ground underneath from unsightly and expensive damage.

A temporary trackway car park and access road will also give you peace of mind that traffic problems won’t ruin the day for the guests or customers at your music festival, agricultural show, winter wonderland or outdoor wedding.

Site entrances & exits

A key area of your event site that you should consider hiring trackway for is the site entrance and exit.

Regardless of whether you opt for a grass or installed temporary car park, making sure that your guests and suppliers can all easily arrive at and leave the site is critical – and installing trackway is a large part of this.

If you experience poor weather either during or in the days leading up to the event, it often doesn’t take long for the ground to become soft. And with high volumes of vehicles driving over the same area, entrances and exits can become boggy and difficult to manage very quickly.

Laying aluminium trackway panels in these high traffic areas will protect the ground from disruption and ensure that your guests can easily drive in and out of the car park without the risk of getting stuck.

Temporary car park flooring

Alternatively, if you need to create a temporary car park on a site that has particularly soft ground, or you’re expecting extreme weather around the time of the event, you may choose to use trackway to form the floor of your car park.

Our aluminium trackway panels can be installed on most surfaces, including grass, soil or sand, to create a solid, stable space for your guests to park. And because each panel can support heavy vehicles and equipment, aluminium trackway is ideal both for visitor car parks and supplier delivery areas.

Depending on your requirements, we may also offer a site survey to gain a better understanding of the layout of the site and identify any potential challenges (such as gates or overhead power lines). This will enable us to recommend the best way to create your car park and map out any additional temporary access roads that we would need to supply.

Trackway Solutions have extensive experience in the supply and installation of aluminium trackway for temporary car parks and roadways. For more information or to discuss your requirements for an upcoming project, give us a call on 0845 241 8555 or contact us via the website.

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