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Trackway Hire for Outdoor Events

Trackway is often the first thing to arrive onsite and the very last to be collected, so making sure that you hire the right number of panels, from the right supplier is crucial to the success of any festival or outdoor event.

Whether you’re planning a music festival or a large outdoor wedding, if it’s your first time hiring temporary roads, here are some of the things you’ll need to take into consideration.

Set up and build

Site access for the build and breakdown of your event is crucial. Plan exactly what will need to be constructed (such as stages and tents), where they will be, and what routes suppliers will need to take to get their vehicles and equipment there.

Having these routes in mind before you contact a trackway supplier will help them provide the best possible solution for you. Your supplier will likely want to survey the site prior to giving you a quote so they will be able to see exactly where you plan to lay trackway, highlight any potential issues with the route and find the most suitable (and cost-effective) way to help you get across the site.

Car parks

As well as helping your suppliers’ vehicles onto the festival site, you might also want to use trackway to help your attendees.

While you might not want (or need) to use trackway for the whole car park, you may choose to use a few panels in high-traffic areas such as entries and exits or gateways between parking areas to help your attendees get in, out and around the car park. Using temporary roadways in these areas will also help to prevent cars getting stuck if poor weather conditions turn the ground to mud.

Solid surfaces

Trackway can also be used to create a steady platform for any equipment that needs to be stood on a solid surface throughout the duration of the event. For example, a trackway pad can be used as flooring in first aid and security areas if these areas won’t be built on hardstanding and you don’t want them to be affected by weather.

If you will be having a mobile cell on site to boost phone service during the event, this will also likely need to be placed on a stable surface, so a small trackway pad of around 10 panels would be ideal.

Finding the right trackway supplier

Site surveys

While a site survey might not be necessary for every hire, if you’re not completely sure how many panels you’ll need, or you want to confirm the route, your trackway supplier should offer to carry out a free site survey.

For example, if you contact Trackway Solutions for a site survey, we will walk the job, measuring the distance of the route and discuss with you exactly what your requirements are in order to establish the best solution for your needs and budget. This stage will also allow us to identify any challenges such as slopes, tight corners or overhead power lines so an alternate route can be planned if necessary. Our sales engineers can then advise what the best, easiest route will be and how many panels you will need for your event.


When it comes to setting up and disassembling your event, keeping to timescales is essential. And chances are, a lot of your event can’t be built until the roadways are in place, so hiring a trackway supplier that is reliable and sticks to your schedule is crucial.

You may want to choose a supplier that gives you a dedicated account manager to make sure that if any of your timescales do change, you will know exactly who you need to speak to. And choosing a supplier that is able to work flexibly with your schedule will make sure that your event runs smoothly.

If you choose us, you will have a local sales engineer who will be your first point of contact for any questions or requests you might have. Alongside our dedicated hire desk, your account manager will arrange your trackway installation and collection on your behalf and make sure that we’re always running on time to meet your deadlines.

Powering the event

Planning all your access routes and having a beautifully constructed event in place won’t be much use if there isn’t any power. Working with our sister company, Generator Power, we can make sure that not only is your event accessible, it has power too.

Wherever you need power (whether it’s the main stage, VIP areas, campsite lighting or security stations), our robust, reliable Atlas Copco generators will keep the power flowing all weekend long.

Visit the Generator Power website to find out more about hiring diesel generators for your event.


Trackway Solutions are a specialist supplier with a wealth of experience in the hire and installation of aluminium roadways for outdoor events.

We worked with manufacturers to make sure that our panels are some of the best around. Our 300kg, cross-serrated and double sided panels are robust, versatile and able to support vehicles of a variety of weights and sizes. With a dedicated team and a network of depots across the UK, we can help you get from A to B, wherever and whenever you need us.

To discuss your requirements for an upcoming event, or to find out more about our trackway hire process, give us a call on 0845 241 8555 or get in touch via the website and a member of the team will be happy to help.

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