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Our Trackway Hire Process for Events

Trackway Solutions’ service for events organisers stretches well beyond simple delivery and collection of vital ground-protecting temporary roads, walkways and car parks.

Our experience of trackway hire for everything from world-famous music festivals and sporting events to country house weddings and agricultural shows has seen us develop a streamlined process that will assist with the overall organisation and planning for your event.

We’ll ensure that you have your trackway in place ahead of your major pre-event deliveries, helping to make access simple for all your key suppliers, keep your schedule on track, avoid damage to the site surface and create better conditions underfoot for your guests and customers.

Here’s a brief insight into the process we use to achieve all that:

Site Survey

Depending on your requirement (for example, do you need a small trackway pad for a mobile cell or a larger temporary access road?), we may offer a no-obligation site survey to gain a better understanding of your requirements.

During the survey, a member of our team will ‘walk the job’, measuring the distance and getting to know the site. This will allow us to identify any potential challenges (such gates at the site entrance) and plan the best route for the trackway to be installed.

The person you meet at this stage will be your contact for the duration of the project so there will always be someone who knows your contract inside-out.


Once the site survey has been completed, we will provide a detailed quote, outlining the number of panels you’ll require and the proposed route for installing the trackway. We will also provide any required supplementary documents that are specific to your site.

We’ll also finalise the schedule with you, as we understand how important timing is to event organisation and how disruptive not having your site access ready can be.


When it comes to installing your trackway, we understand the importance of completing the job quickly and efficiently. Working with your other contractors on site, our team will make sure that your temporary roads are installed in a way that best meets the needs of everyone setting up the event.

To gain a better understanding of how exactly our trackway is laid, view our full 10 step installation process here.

And while our panels are robust enough to support heavy vehicles and equipment, they are also highly effective in protecting the ground from damage and disruption during setup.

To find out more about the Trackway Solutions hire process, or to discuss your requirements for an upcoming project, give us a call on 0845 241 8555 or get in touch via the website and our expert team will be happy to help.

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