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Turf Preparation for the Autumn

The weather has definitely changed. The last throws of the summer have finally disappeared and sorry to say this, it’s time to start thinking about that winter coat. As the leaves fall from the trees and we prepare for Halloween, we thought we’d turn our attention to ground care. 

Lawns take a bit of a pummeling during the autumn and winter, they are besieged with leaves, rain, frost and snow, come spring and it’s amazing they survive.

Take a little care during the autumn though and you can steer a lawn safely through the winter. Treat turf now and it’ll be in fine fettle once the first daffodils of spring raise their heads.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Clear leaves

Rake up leaves that have fallen on your lawn. You can tip them on your compost heap or place them in your garden waste recycling bin ready to be collected by the local authority.

Either rake the leaves or use a leaf sucker/blower to pile them up into bundles.

2. Get rid of moss

Do you have moss growing in certain sections of the lawn? If left untreated, moss will thrive and cause untold damage to your lawn.

Use an approved moss killer in problem areas, then rake it clear afterwards and put autumn behind you with a moss-free lawn.

3. Drain the lawn

Go around the lawn aerating it with a standard garden fork. This is especially important in heavily compacted areas that have trouble draining naturally.

Just push the fork a few inches into the ground then go around the lawn sprinkling a sandy top dressing. This should assist with the drainage process.

4. Give it some food

Feeding the lawn just before winter will provide it with essential nutrients. Use a recommend autumn feed that will support the lawn over the autumn and winter. Your local garden centre should be able to provide you with advice if your knowledge is weak in this area.

Use these lawn care tips as we head into autumn – winter is just around the corner.

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