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What Is Trackway?

In this comprehensive guide, we take a deep dive into all things trackway, revealing definitions, what trackway can be used for, and most importantly how you can benefit from trackway in your next project.

Defining trackway

According to Collins Dictionary, the literal definition of trackway is “a path or track”. Whilst this provides a basic definition, it’s important that we take it one step further to explain how the term trackway is often used within the industry:

Trackway, also known as ground protection mats or temporary roadway, refers to the use of durable panels that enable people and vehicles to access difficult to reach locations. Trackway is often used to pave the way in challenging conditions and is extremely popular in projects where there is little or no existing infrastructure.

What can trackway be used for?

Trackway panels are well known for their versatility. Based on our extensive experience, we’ve listed some of the most common uses of trackway:

  • Temporary Roadways  – Trackway panels are typically used to create temporary roadways. In addition to improving access, temporary roadways also help to create a safe working environment by providing an anti-slip surface for people, vehicles and equipment.
  • Ground Protection – Our panels have a geo-textile underlay which helps to protect the ground they are laid upon. This is particularly useful when operating in sensitive environments such as stately homes and areas of scientific interest.
  • Pedestrian Walkways  – Trackway panels can used to create pedestrian walkways. These temporary paths enable people to safely walk across sites and easily access relevant areas. Check out this case study for more information on how trackway can be used to create pedestrian walkways.
  • Car Parks – Thanks to its durability, strength and ground protection properties, trackway panels can be combined to create a temporary car park. This is particularly useful if you’re planning an outdoor event and are in need of additional space.

Benefits of trackway

There are a wealth of benefits that you can take advantage of when using our trackway, including:

  • Versatility – From construction and utilities to outdoor events and archaeology, trackway panels can be used in projects across a wide range of industry sectors.
  • Resilient & Reliable – Our 300kg aluminium panels are designed to withstand the toughest challenges imaginable. The robust panels create a strong and sturdy foundation which enables people and vehicles to quickly access essential areas.
  • Cross Serrated Surface – Our panels feature a textured, cross-serrated surface to provide additional grip when walking or driving across them. The textured surface is essential as it provides additional grip and prevents the track from becoming slippery in wet conditions.
  • Multi-Purpose – All of our panels are double-sided. One side is cross serrated for extra grip, whilst the other is optimised for strength as a heavy duty surface.
  • Recyclable – Although our panels are designed for long-lasting use, once each panel reaches the end of its lifecycle, we recycle it to help reduce our carbon footprint.

How we can help

We’re proud to have earned a reputation for providing robust temporary roadways, effective ground protection and reliable pedestrian access. We continue to work with manufacturers and our key customers to ensure that we offer the best panels available on the market.

If you have an upcoming project, or simply want to learn more about our aluminium trackway, contact our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help.

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